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Ladd Family Martial Arts


Our Student Creed.
  • I will honor and respect my family, teachers and seniors.
  • I will be kind to all people.
  • I will strive to exceed expectations.
  • I will remain humble and use what I have learned in class only to defend myself or those who are weaker.

"Jason Ladd is the best teacher who has ever taught me and has worked wonders with our family." - Elgiva Wood

"A great time spent learning something fun with my sons!" - Todd Preddy

"Ladd Family Martial Arts, where we are not just "rad" -- we are Ladd!" - Jonathan Vitek

"Master Ladd began working with my son at the age of 4. His teachings have instilled a sense of confidence, respect and honor within my son." - C. Johnson

"In the 3 1/2 years of training at Ladd Family Martial Arts, my son has grown in so may ways. His self confidence has never been higher, he has learned how to show respect for those that he encounters on a daily basis and he is able to train in a family environment not found in many schools. Master Ladd offers a wealth of knowledge both inside and outside of class and is great with the kids and adults. If you are looking for a place to train, definitely give Ladd Family Martial Arts a try."

"My kids have been studying with Master Ladd since my son was 7 and my daughter was 6. My son, who is now 15, just earned his 1st Dan belt in Tang Soo Do this summer under Master Ladds instruction. Master Ladd has been a major influence for good in my childrens lives. What they have learned over the past 8 years will be with them for life. He is an excellent instructor, awesome mentor, and a true friend. The friendships they have developed at Ladd Family Martial Arts with the instructors and students have given them a sense of family and a great support group. I highly recommend Ladd Family Martial Arts."

"Master Ladd is truly an amazing instructor and has a vast knowledge of the martial arts. His classes are offered in a family friendly environment that are great for both kids and adults! You wont be disappointed in him!"

"What else can I say simply wonderful!!!!!!!!! My son went to Master Ladds classes after a separation between me and his dad. It helped to boost his confidence again and an outlet for his energy. My new husband even joined and he had a great time as well. Jason is a wonderfully patient and giving teacher, not only to his students but their families as well. I would recommend Ladd Family Martial Arts to everyone. If my family and I had not relocated to England we would still be taking classes."

"I have been training with Mister Ladd for four years and love his school. His knowledge of the martial arts is extensive and I love how he is able to teach the art in a family environment. Give Master Ladd a try, you wont be disappointed!"

"Supporting families in our community, encouraging students in our classroom, building champions in the ring and role models of our world".
Ladd Karate kids class workout

Classes for kids, adults and families!

Ladd Karate adult class workout

Ladd Family Martial Arts is dedicated to providing the highest quality martial arts training in Raleigh, NC.  The system we teach is Tang Soo Do of the Moo Duk Kwan lineage.  This includes effective self defense training, kicking, blocking, punching, classical Hyung training and more. We also offer Fit Defense for Women, Zumba, Tai Chi, Yu Sool and Arnis classes.

Master Ladd has been offering effective karate and self defense programs to men, women and children for 15+ years.  He has taught students from 4 to 60+ years of age.  Master Ladd has served as an adjunct professor at a local community college and has worked for several years with special education in Wake County Public Schools in an alternative school for middle and high schoolers.  Master Ladd has worked with children who have struggled in other learning environments have found both success and HOW to succeed while training.

Master Ladd has developed champions in the ring (sport karate and MMA) and taught countless others the joy the traditional martial arts.  Master Ladd has taught countless self defense classes and seminars, and spoken to many groups (youth and otherwise).  He is sought after for his seminars (topics in traditional Tang Soo Do, competitive martial arts, self defense, and more) as well as for private instruction.

Master Ladds childrens programs will help channel your childs energy in a productive manner.  Our programs will increase your childs confidence, discipline, coordination all while having fun at the same time.  Our adult programs are a great way to relieve stress, get and stay in shape all while learning valuable self defense skills at the same time.  Our programs blend a great physical workout with practical real life self defense techniques and are ideal for both men and women.  The student body of Ladd Family Martial Arts is quite unique in that you will find families (parents and children) training together, often in the very same classes! We encourage families to work together to continually improve as individuals and as a family unit. Taking part in the unique environment at our school welcomes and encourages just such progressions!


Congratulations to Gabi Tran on testing for her Chodan rank.  Great job and we are all proud of you.

Ladd Family Martial Arts will be conducting rank testing the week of March 28th - April 2nd.  Please submit all testing paperwork to Master Ladd prior to March 17th.

Masters Ladd and Hancock with Grandmaster Choi, Hee Suk, the most senior MDK artist alive. He is a direct student of Hwang Kee. 

Master Ladd with Grandmaster Chang, Il Do.
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