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About Us
The cornerstone of Ladd Family Martial Arts is truly the idea of "Family".  At Ladd Family Martial Arts we are a collection of many different layers of 'family' in which all are welcomed to join!

A School of Families

The student body of Ladd Family Martial Arts is quite unique in that you'll find families (parents and children) training together, often in the very same classes!  We encourage families to work together to continually improve as individuals and as a family unit.  Taking part in the unique environment at our school welcomes and encourages just such progressions!

A Family of Students

All who participate at Ladd Family Martial Arts feel a part of a larger family of martial artists. Everyone has unique talents and gifts as well as unique and personal struggles and challenges. There is a palpable sense of support at Ladd Family Martial Arts not only in the day to day effort to grow as martial artists but also with everyday life's celebrations and struggles.  We work to foster an atmosphere where every student has a real and vested interest in the support and growth of every other student!

A Family of Instructors

Ladd Family Martial Arts is host to several other martial arts and fitness professionals who have programs in our school.  The core of Ladd Family Martial Arts is a Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) program that is second to none. However we have outstanding instructors offering Tai Chi Chuan, Arnis, and more!  Among the instructors at Ladd Family Martial Arts there is the utmost respect and supportive friendship. All of our program leaders are top-notch both in their field of instruction and a people in our community.  We support each other just as we support our students!

About Our Tang Soo Do Program

Ladd Family Martial Arts teaches the "Ladd Ryu Pa of Tang Soo Do".  What this means is that while we trace our lineage, heritage, and the core of our curriculum to Doju Nim Hwang Kee's Moo Duk Kwan; our teachings are unique per the wide and varied training experience of Master Ladd.

The "Ladd Ryu Pa of Tang Soo Do" has a depth and refinement that is rare. We strive to develop the highest levels of Tang Soo Do skill and knowledge in our students. We accomplish this in a variety of ways. It starts with an instructor who has extensive experience and knowledge in the martial arts that he is careful to increase daily.  It continues with our training and promotional standards.  Ladd Family Martial Arts requires that each student successfully complete not only a physical exam for belt rank promotion but a written exam as well.  In addtion to a written and physical tests school aged students must also submit most recent grade reports and also provide letters of recommendation from both home and school to ensure they are upholding our high standards of citizenship and effort (academically and in responsibities in the home) both in and out of the Dojang.

While training at Ladd Family Martial Arts you will experience classical hyung (forms) training, self defense training for our modern world, kicks, blocks, punches, sparring, ground grappling, board/brick breaking, as well as learning the accurate historical and philosophical aspects of our art.  Students will also have the opportunity to take part in the sportive aspect of the martial arts by competing in tournaments from time to time. While our students regularly do well in tournaments, we DO NOT train for trophies!  Master Ladd does offer private competition coaching, however, for students who aspire to compete at a higher level.  Competition is a healthy & safe way to get to share your art with others.  Competition is also the primary means by which our students get to interract with students of other schools and build lasting friendships!

At Ladd Family Martial Arts our greatest effort is in simply learning something or acquiring an ability today that we did not have yesterday! COME JOIN US!

Mr Ladd is also available for demonstrations or to speak to your group (youth group or adult group).

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