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What We Offer:

Ladd Family Martial Arts offers Karate as well as a variety of classes such as Zumba, Arnis, Tai Chi, and Yusool. To join these classes, you must first speak with that individual instructor.

Program Instructors:

Master Jason Ladd

Jason Ladd karate Raleigh, NC

Master Ladd offers instruction in classical Tang Soo Do, of the Moo Duk Kwan lineage. Students have the opportunity to learn self-defense for today's world, classical hyung (patterns), sparring, kicking, punching, and blocking.

Master Ladd offers classes in Tang Soo Do Karate both for children and adults as well as Kumdo, YuSool, and Women's fit defense.

(919) 606-3081

Almonzo "Lao Ma" Lamoureux

Lao Ma

Almanzo “Lao Ma” Lamoureux is the Senior Teacher with the Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School in the Triangle area of North Carolina. He has practiced Chinese arts for over three decades. He teachs Wudangshan 108 Taijiquan Lao Ma also teachs both internal and external weapons, two-person "sparring" push-hands classes, and a combined Internal Form called Liuhebafa Quan (Waterboxing).


Master Eric Bullock

masterbullock Arnis

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