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Ladd Family Martial Arts Student Creed

      Our student creed is the underlying philosophy behind everything we do!  We always take time in every class to recite and reflect upon these things.  This is the true purpose of our training.

  • I will honor and respect my family, teachers and seniors.

It is important that we as martial artists remember that our family, teachers and seniors are one of our most valuable resources.  We must always be very careful to show a high level of respect to our families, all of our teachers and anyone who is senior to you in age or rank.  Remember, respect is shown in both speech and action.

  • I will be kind to all people.

Members of the Pyung Ahn Martial Arts strive to show kindness to all people.  All people deserve as much kindness as you can give them!  We learn that even in situations of self defense, that we are to be as kind and as gentle as possible while still remaining safe!  It doesn't matter who the person is, where they are from, what they look like or even if you know them or not -- show them kindness!

  • I will strive to exceed expectations.

This is the basic principle of doing more than the bare minimum in everything in life!  This means that if your teacher asks you to read one chapter, then read two!  If your wife asks you to sweep the kitchen, then sweep the dining room too!  However, this does go deeper than this.  This creed, like all of them, require daily attention and study so you can with each day understand it at a deeper level.

  • I will remain humble and use what I learn in class only to defend myself or those who are weaker.

We do not brag about, or even advertise the physical skills that we learn in the study of Tang Soo Do.  We should always remember that kindness and humility often achieve much more than a block or a punch!  If you can physically walk away, then do so.  If you can avoid physical confrontation with your verbal skills, then do so.  "..whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."  Matthew 5:39  This is the heart and also the ultimate goal of this portion of our Student Creed.

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