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Why Ladd Family Martial Arts?

1.     Who We Teach.

We teach the family that wants a way to learn and grow together with activities and experiences that they can share.

We teach the person (child or adult) who needs the renewed confidence that comes from newly acquired skills and knowledge from a gifted teacher in a supportive environment.

We teach the person who may struggle (cognitively or physically) in a way that may cause them to feel hindered or hesitiant to participate in other 'physical' activities or even in the classroom.

We teach the person who seeks to be a high-level competitor in the sport martial arts world.

We teach the person who seeks to be a champion in the MMA arena.

We would love to teach YOU!

2.     What We Teach.

First and foremost we teach STUDENTS! We recognize that everyone comes to the martial arts for unique reasons and learns in unique ways. It is our goal to focus first on the student rather than simply curriculum.

The system that we teach is Tang Soo Do of Moo Duk Kwan lineage. This includes effective self defense training, kicking, blocking, punching, classical hyung training and more. We also offer Fit Defense for Women, Zumba, Tai Chi, Yu Sool and Arnis classes.

3.     Track Record of Success.

Master Ladd's ability to successfully teach nearly every type of student at a high success rate is truly rare. Not only has he studied and taught martial arts for many years, but he has served as an adjunct professor at a local community college and has worked for several years with special education in Wake County Public Schools in an alternative school for middle and high schoolers.

Master Ladd has taught students from 5 to 60+.  Children who have struggled in other learning environments have found both success and HOW to succeed while training with Master Ladd. He has developed champions in the ring (sport karate and MMA) and taught countless others the joy the traditional martial arts. Master Ladd has taught countless self defense classes and seminars, and spoken to many groups (youth and otherwise).  He is sought after for his seminars (topics in traditional Tang Soo Do, competitive martial arts, self defense, and more) as well as for private instruction.

Ladd Family Martial Arts - Tang Soo Do At Its Best 7340 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh NC 27612 / (919) 606-3081
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